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Features & Benefits

  • Ultra low profile head permits access to the tightest jobs
  • 88 ratchet gear teeth produce a swing arc just over 4° allowing faster work in the most compact spaces
  • Features unique 9-position locking flex-head. Locking lever ensures ratchet head maintains desired position regardless of size or applied load with the head rotating through a full 180°
  • Dual-component, streamlined, ergonomic handle specifically designed to handle both under hood and under car applications with ease, comfort and access
  • Overall length: 12"
  • Streamlined teardrop ratchet head and long handle pattern for improved access in the most compact areas
  • Recessed shift lever to prevent accidental shifting to improve job efficiency
  • C-Ring retainer to permit fast access to the ratchet mechanism for easier maintenance

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  • Return for replacement within: 30 days

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I had boughten that ratchet in February and it broke in june I had bought this flex head ratchet from Matco tools thinking ok brand name wouldn't brake on me so easy or as quick as my Craftsman's. Well i was far from the truth. The flex lock on my ratchet had broke with in four months of using it. it was not a catastrophic brake, but the lock snapped in half so that the flexing part of the head could not lock. It was not missed used or anything like that. Simply loosening caliper slide bolts that were torqued to maybe 60 -70 ft bls. October 13, 2014
A must have in your arsenal. Unlike it 1/4 counter part, this seems better built. The flex head allows for great maneuverability. The locking feature is great for preventing slippage. The handle has a great feel in the hand and reduces fatigue in my case. Use this as my daily ratchet, The green color handle helps to locate it during the rush period or when jumping from one job to the next. October 15, 2014
Overpriced It's a pretty decent ratchet, but not as nice as another brand that shall remain nameless. For a fine tooth ratchet its kinda rough, the head isn't sealed, and it's held together by a snap ring. The only reason I bought it is because the head locks, my other brand ratchets do not do that. All in all, it's an ok ratchet, I just don't feel it should cost more than another brand, especially since the other one is made a lot better. May 18, 2012
One of the best ratchet. One of the Best ratchet I have ever used and I would recommend it ... April 4, 2014
Not many failures. Works well. I like it Tools break people when you're a mechanic for a living but I think this has only broke once or maybe twice on me so I would recommend this. January 19, 2014
Quality ratchet I have several of the new SO ratchets and I'm not saying one is better than the other but that each has its own advantage. I like this ratchet because the head is much thinner than the SO's counterpart and the quality seems on par with them to. The ergonomic handle is very nice but I cant say to much because I haven't used it allot. The main strong point of this ratchet is its locking head which is way better than the completions because it doesn't get stuck or jammed. The length is defiantly a bonus in most cases and the fine ratchet teeth are great for tight spots. Overall this ratchet is a great tool to have in your arsenal. October 4, 2013
Great ratchet. This is a great ratchet. Very high quality. Nice thin ratchet head. Fits where other ratchets wont. More teeth than the competitors also. Rubber handle is easy to clean too December 29, 2013
Probably the best I have the green ratchet, I've had it for about 4 monte, and absolutely love it. it is my go too ratchet. with the 88 teeth it makes tight spaces much easier and approachable. The fact that it is a flex head was very appealing to me, it pretty well will fit anywhere and do anything. With it being 12" long, gives you the torque you need to do just about any job you needed to tackle. The only stickler i have is, i wish the head was a little narrower so it would fit in smaller places but that would not put me off from recommending this 100%. The handle is great, no slip with oily hands and easy to clean. July 4, 2013
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