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Features & Benefits

  • Turn your GDS into a 4-channel lab scope with the GDS Scopebox.
  • Extensive library of known good waveforms to find faults on sensors, actuators, circuits, and electronic control units for faster diagnosis.
  • Waveform auto-setup on all 4 channels
  • Independent ground on each channel allows for clean signal without interference or potentially damaging feedback
  • High quality twist & lock BNC connectors
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Includes an array of conventional ignition adapters
  • Includes ignition waveform analysis
  • Ultra-fast capture of "glitch" occurrences with advanced triggers
  • Built in square wave signal generator ensures verification of accuracy and calibration.
  • Record and save and print saved waveforms
  • Playback of waveform can be slowed down for observation and analysis
  • Examine display and save 5 parameter indexes of all electrical signals: amplitude frequency shape pulse width and array
  • Separate ScopeBox module allows for remote GDS display viewing via single USB cable - view readings afar from ScopeBox location.
  • Plug & Play: Software already comes preloaded in all GDS units.
  • Fast sampling speed & large memory and bandwidth

Return Policy

  • Return for refund within: Non-refundable
  • Return for replacement within: 30 days
Software is Finally here....mostly So a little over a month ago we've finally received the software in the Matco Maximus to run the GDS scope box. I've used it a couple of times since then and I am happy with the results. the graphing speed is very good, the 4 channel capability is nice, plenty of leads to hook up to whatever need be. the only thing i'm disappointed with is that the ignition lab scope software is still in the works, which is the one portion I really want to use and try out. October 13, 2013
has potential so when i purchased my Maximus scanner at the same time i purchased this 4-chancel scopebox to go along with it. This is one of the main factors for me to purchase the maximus scanner. I think the scopebox would be great, it's four channel, comes with a ton of different leads for all four channels, even inductive pick up for 4 ignition wires, and then extensions for cop vehicles, the only problem. The Maximus scanner STILL does not have the software to run the scopebox. about a month ago matco released the software for the batterybox, and sensorbox. but are still working on this software. From what i hear is they're trying to improve the speed of the box for more precise and accurate graphing. I do hope they improve from what the Maximus currently has, because trying to graph more than one pid at a time the maximus slows down and you loose "live" data flow, and it has a delay. August 16, 2013
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