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Features & Benefits

  • 1,100 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque
  • 780 ft. lbs. of max torque
  • 2 year warranty
  • Lightweight composite body - total weight only 4.0 lbs.
  • Custom grip with through handle exhaust
  • Twin hammer mechanism with four position power regulator

Return Policy *

  • Return for refund within: 30 days
  • Return for replacement within: 30 days

* Applies to purchases made on only; see your Matco distributor for warranty or return information on purchases made elsewhere.

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wish i still had it Excellent gun had for about a year and half when it malfunctioned. I turned it in to my Matco distributor to never see it again. I have contacted Matco several times about this and no response. Really miss it now that it has been gone for a year. Impact great customer service lousy. September 22, 2014
excellent I use this impact everyday, light weight, tough, and strong gun. i use this mostly for lug nuts, and if they dont come right off because there jammed on there, i can break them off to replace them rather than getting a breaker bar. use it for front end work too works great, adjustable so i dont break bolts, but will take the rusted ones right off too. one piece of advice, get the cover for it. i drop mine all the time at work, nothing like dropping a couple hundred dollars everyday. December 13, 2011
Awesome Impact!!! First impact I've purchased, and I'm happy I did. This thing is powerful, lightweight, and quiet compared to others. Pretty well balanced too, not as front heavy as some impacts are, which makes it comfortable to hold. I like the "powerband" selector knob located on the back of the body ,which has four settings, and the forward/reverse buttons located directly underneath. Dropped mine a couple times, and still works great. I would advise to purchase the protective boot as well. Keep it maitained, and it should last me, or anybody several years or more. Plan to purchase the 3/8 model soon. July 24, 2014
Great Gun! I'm a professional technician and I use this impact everyday. All the other guys had this impact already, so I had to step up and get one myself. Very happy with my purchase. This gun has great power, but was unable to take off 2 strut bolts when I had about 10" of extension on the end which is understandable. One of the guys at work has already claimed he has had his Matco impact for 6 yrs when this first came out. Don't believe anyone would be disappointed, but have heard do not buy the quiet version as there is a power loss. May 30, 2013
great impact awesome impact way better than the snap on mg725 ...i have both impacts and this blows the mg725 away .. my buddy had this first and i would always compare his to my snap on and lots of times i had to use his to loosen crank bolts and other bolts which my snap on could not do i decided to purchase my own about two weeks ago and have not used or touched the snap on mg725 since then ....matter of fact going to sell on ebay very soon ..... February 23, 2012
Love it. I work on heavy equipment and I tell you what this thing rips the bolts off. So awesome. Had a friend buy one the same time as me and his was gutless. He sent it in twice and they couldn't fix it. We compared the two and founds his hammers and anvil were too tight, we lapped them and polished them, now his is even better than mine. I love it though. Get the cover for it. Don't even hesitate to buy it. Sure my friends had issues at first but that's quality control. March 10, 2013
Awesome gun! I've had mine for 3-4 years now and it definitely has been worked. It will still break anything loose just like it did from day one. Many bolts that I see some people using 3/4 impacts to remove can easily be removed with this gun. I would definitely buy another one any day. May 2, 2014
Great impact wrench Great tool to have. Strong and very capable and loud, in a good way. March 7, 2013
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