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Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic design - One handed operation. One hand on the unit and one hand on the camera pipe.
  • 5.5mm camera pipe standard on the unit - smallest camera pipe on the automotive market.
  • Easy to use with thumbwheel control and menu that functions like a digital camera
  • One-touch help feature
  • 2GB SD card included; unit has internal memory can be used without the memory card.
  • Exclusive Image Management Options- Manage images on the unit or SD card
  • Freeze and compare images - Quickly compare a 'frozen image' with a live image.
  • Project folders - Store and organize images from multiple projects.
  • Photo burst capabilities- Capture a series of photos in rapid succession looking for anything that has changed.
  • Standard photo capabilities - Set the size of a photo and then capture an image.
  • Add a voice memo to a picture for another technician or the insurance company.
  • Video recording feature allows a user to capture a video, both image and sound.
  • The unit can be connected directly to a TV in a shop to show the customer or insurance company work that has been done

Return Policy

  • Return for refund within: 30 days
  • Return for replacement within: 30 days

Featured Video

Smallest size, biggest advantage. That's Matco's new PRO1000 Borescope, with the smallest camera on the automotive market -- period. The 5.5 mm camera head gets into the tightest spots without teardowns, saving up to 90% of the cost of warranty repair evaluations.

Plus, it's easy to operate, lightweight and ergonomic, only four buttons run everything from a simple on-screen display. Shoot photos, video and audio, and toggle between them.

I saw this at a trade show and bought it at the race track. I felt good that when I was walking through the pits at the drag races the crew was using the same one I bought . This told me that it was probably the best one I could have purchased! And being an Automotive Instructor I have seen allot of bad bore-a-scopes over the years and we have to treat them with kid gloves because they aren't durable enough for the students to use This Is The First One I Have Let The Students Use By Themselves !!!!!!!! And since it is mine I had to know it wont break before turning it loose on a classroom full of kids!! October 4, 2011
great, must have this is the best borescope I have ever use and I've used a few different scopes. video quality is far better than most. The adjustable LED brightness is an excellent feature. The Video and pic capabilities are great. The camera head is smaller than I thought it would be by quite a bit. Screw on 90 degree mirror keeps it from falling off while inside a cylinder. SD card a big plus. The regular battery is sufficient. Can be used while plugged in if need be but have not done so except to see it it could be. I have not used the features to hook it up so the customer can see it over the TV but I have walked out and shown them video. Over all if your thinking about it quite thinking and get it. February 17, 2012
Great for inspection work!! I used this product just the other day, fits in tight places and works about a 1000 times better than an inspection mirror September 1, 2011
Great Product Much better than the videoscope, smaller and more manueverable. Pan feature is a lttle weak but overall 1000 times better than the videoscope. Well worth the money. January 8, 2013
The best video scope on the market... Every mechanic needs one. I have used a few of the other scopes on the market. This scope has the same features as one or two of the others, but not all in one package. The rechargeable battery pack, the capability of recording video, audio, or digital stills, and the ability to zoom make this the best in my opinion. The 5.5mm camera head is perfect for viewing the inside of engine cylinders, the longer / stiffer camera lead makes it optimal for diesel and heavy equipment work. October 10, 2011
camera plug needs better quality This is a very good camera! That being said, it could be better. The camera pipe as it attatches to the main unit needs to be upgraded. To keep the camera in the box you have to disconnect the camera pipe. The plug has broken 2 times because of this. It needs to be upgraded or the box it comes in needs to be redesigned so you don't have to unplug the camera pipe to put it away. March 14, 2012
wish i had this a long time ago I recently purchased this product. I found that it is great for cylinder wall inspections as well as pistons and valves. Great for taking pictures and videos and even locating the occasional lost small socket or bit. September 18, 2011
this is the top of the line i just bought this and fell in love with this every technician has to have one of these in your tool box October 11, 2011
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