Commercial & Aviation Tool Kitting Solutions

Custom Kitting Solutions

Our Industrial Distributors can provide a variety of solutions for tool control. Please contact them for a quote on a custom solution.

Toolbox Set-building And Kitting Solutions

Matco delivers the best stationary storage and set-building programs available for aviation, commercial, and government agencies. The combination of a Matco box with our line-up of innovative tools provides the Technician with the most efficient, productive workstation. And with our complete FOD control program, you get unmatched flexibility, whether you need one box or 500. The foam inlay can be customized from color to layout depending on storage needs. Our set-building program includes kits featuring our innovative tools - up to 1,000 pieces per set. Whether you require an aviation or commercial tool kit, our kitting solutions are unmatched. Please contact one of our Industrial Distributors for pricing.