About The Program

While the majority of Matco Tools Franchisees operate their business as an owner-operator, Matco also has a program for those with even greater ambition. The Matco Distributor Plus+ multi-store program offers successful franchisees the opportunity to become the owner of several stores within an area.

Owning Stores 1-3

Matco Franchisees can own up to 3 stores as an owner-operator, or up to 5 stores as a full-time owner-investor.

As the owner of a single franchise, Matco Distributors also act as the operators of their business. Their responsibilities include all business activities from inventory management to in-person service at automotive shops. However, as a Franchisee acquires a second or even third store, their role as the operator begins to transition. Time spent on day-to-day activities decreases as the manager role over employees who operate trucks #2 and #3 increases.

Owning Stores 4 And 5

After starting Franchises #4 And #5, a Matco Franchisee may acquire enough franchise licenses, employees, and exclusive territory to step away from daily operation of a store. At this stage the owner transitions into an executive role over their own franchise group.

  • Acquire more customers
  • Grow your brand within your community
  • Generate multiple income streams
  • Leverage inventory from multiple stores
  • Transition into an executive style owner

Take It From Eddie

Eddie Reyes has been in business for over 20 years. As time has passed, Eddie has been able to expand his business to two trucks and then three. When asked what drives him, he casually grins "I don't know. It's in the blood I guess!"