Franchise Fact: Matco Tools Makes financing your dream of owning your own business easy by financing up to 100% of your start-up costs in some cases.


Find out how Matco makes
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HIn-house Financing and A Complete Business Plan

Having the freedom and pride of owning your own business is easier than you think. Take this simple, painless, completely safe, and NO OBLIGATION step to:

  • Learn how much Matco and others can loan you to start your new business (Matco can provide up to 100% of your start-up costs!)
  • See available routes in your area and understand how we seed the route with prospective customers
  • Get the foundations of a business plan that shows what you'll need to sell to meet your financial goals
  • And, best of all - get all of the above without any commitment on your part to become a Matco franchise owner

Is My Personal Information Safe?

This next step is 100% safe, has NO negative impact, and requires ZERO obligation or commitment on your part to continue.

We need your Social Security Number so that one of our franchise experts can determine how much Matco can loan you to start your new business. If the numbers work out in your favor, we will call you to set up a meeting.

Your SSN is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and because the credit check is for a business it won't impact your credit score. It's perfectly safe with no negative impact.

Am I committing to Anything?

The only possible committment is your time, just like going to a car dealer for a test drive. You can kick the tires, go for a spin, talk about financing, and still walk away free and clear.

I'm Not So Sure About My Credit...

Even if you're not sure that you'll qualify, we might have financing available for you. Again, there's no downside to checking. If all systems are GO, we'll let you know.

What Happens if Everything Checks Out?

Once approved, one of our franchise experts will call to arrange a personal meeting. We will present you with a complete Finance Disclosure Document (FDD) which contains detailed information about the company, our franchise opportunity, and all the financing options.

When you're ready we'll help you set up a Ride-Along with a local franchise owner, talk with both you and your spouse about the business, and we'll start working on a detailed business plan that tells you exactly what's required on your part to meet your financial goals.

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Starting a Matco franchise is easier than you think!
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