Technical Education Program


Basic Qualifications

This is a very special tech tool student discount program designed to help you get the tools you need to get started in your new career. To participate in the MATCO TOOLS Technical Education Program (Tech Ed) you must be attending a technical training program at a public or private technical training school, college or university on a Full Time basis.

Period of Eligibility

Qualifying students may order at any time while they are meeting the school's requirements for Full Time student status. Extended breaks such as Summer recess are exceptions to your period of eligibility. Please see your local MATCO Franchisee for product needs during your break. Call 866.BUY.TOOL, and we can help you locate a Franchisee if you need assistance.

Use of Product

Due to the special pricing, promotions, and incentives available through the Tech Ed Program, all products purchased must be for your own use and not for resale, gifts, or other non-qualifying use. Students in an auto tech program may purchase products commonly used in apprentice and training programs. Your MATCO Representative can answer any questions you may have about qualifying products.

Instructor Qualifications

Instructors may purchase products for use in the classroom or educational setting using the procurement process in place at your institution. Typically this is by an approved Purchase Order, company P-card, or through a "bid" process. For other tool needs please contact your local MATCO Franchisee.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions