Technical Education Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate in the Tech Ed program?

No. To participate in this program, you must be attending an accredited Technical Training School on a full-time basis. Eligibility for special discounts is discontinued when you graduate. Qualified Tech Ed users are provided special discounts and promotions. If you do not meet the qualifications of this program, please contact your local Matco Franchisee for product availability.

I'm an Instructor, do I qualify for the Tech Ed program?

Yes. The Tech Ed program is available to accredited Technical Training Schools and instructors. The same discount plan applies to items purchased by you for your use in school, as well as items purchased by the school itself. Due to various taxation regulations, only taxable sales are available online. If your school is tax exempt, please contact one of our representatives at: 800-331-2427 - Option #1.

Is there a limit to the amount students can order?

Yes. Matco limits your combined total net purchases while eligible for the Tech Ed program to $7,500.00. The quantity is also limited to one of each item in the catalog. Shop equipment is not available for student purchase under the program. Please see your Matco Tools Franchisee to purchase items.

Are all items in the Matco product line available in the Tech Ed Program?

Student item availability is limited to In-stock items(no Special Orders), and our 4S toolboxes. Instructors are requested to contact a Tech Ed Sales Representative regarding pricing and availability of shop equipment and larger custom toolboxes. Students qualify to purchase at technical education pricing a top or bottom toolbox. Complete toolbox sets do not qualify for the student program.

Can I purchase only what I need, or do I have to purchase a pre-determined kit?

You may order individual items from your Required Tool List, or select one of our kits. In addition, you can order an entire kit based on your schools Required Tools List.

Can I use a debit card to purchase online?

Yes, but most debit cards have daily or per transaction limits. Please note your bank's restrictions.

Does Matco Tools offer student tool purchase financing?

Yes we do. Please contact your local Matco Representative. He/she will be happy to answer your questions and show you how the program works.

How do I place an order?

Both students and Instructors may purchase on-line 24/7/365 after they have registered as an eligible Tech Ed Program purchaser. You may be required to provide a current copy of your class schedule to verify program eligibility. We will contact you if this is required. In addition, you may contact the Tech Ed Sales Team toll free Monday through Friday at: 800-331-2427 - Option #1 or via fax at: 800-437-7952. Most major credit cards, money orders or checks are accepted.

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