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Start with Opti-Torque. Stop corner round off.
With Matco's proprietary Opti-Torque System, torque is applied to the fastener sides. You get more power, and cut the risk of rounding corners.

Parallel nose down has you reaching into tight areas instead of reaching for more tools.
That's a big advantage over tapered nose impact sockets.

Dual chamfers double the innovation.
A 150-degree chamfer on the socket end increases contact area between the socket and the fastener to improve grab and reduce the likelihood of rounding fastener corners.

High visibility laser and impression stamped markings mean easier identification.
You'll have visibility even in poorly lit work areas.

Tail down design makes for hurry-up loading.
The tail down feature makes it fast and easy to remove sockets from pneumatic tools.

Cold formed from high performance alloy steel, these are the last sockets you'll ever buy.
We use an advanced heat treating process with precision quench and tempering for the ultimate in strength and durability. They meet ANSI standards, of course.

Precision engineered for performance that won't let you down.
Our precision manufacturing process guarantees dependability and consistent product performance year after year.