Franchise Fact: With a Matco Tools Franchise you can determine how much income you would like to make.

Earning Potential

There are many unknowns and variables that go into a Matco Tools franchise owner’s earning potential – the time they devote to the business, their ability to manage the money they collect from customers every week, and of course, how much they’re able to sell. Matco cannot give any specific numbers because of the variables and the franchise disclosure laws don’t allow us to give any specific income numbers. What might be helpful, though, is to hear what current Matco franchise owners have to say about it.

“Whatever I put into it, I get out of it. If I sell more, then I make more money. And, if I want a day off, I take it.” Mike Shippy, Matco Tools Franchise Owner

“Matco has helped me achieve a lot more than I ever thought I would at the age of 40. I own two houses, my wife doesn’t work, and I have two kids that I’m able to support. It's created a lot of financial stability in my life.” Jay Hashagen, Matco Tools Franchise Owner

Understanding Your Matco Mobile Tools Start-Up Costs*

Initial Franchise Fee $6,000
Initial Inventory $63,000 - $86,000
Acquisition and Establishment of Time Payment Reserve or Time Payment Line of Credit $22,000 or $4,700 - $9,325
Mobile Store Lease $4,450 - $125,000
Computer Hardware $2,600 - $3,000
Computer Software and Internet Service - 3 months' payments $1,744 - $2,295
Insurance - 3 months' premiums $915 - $2,500
Travel, Lodging and Meals (for training) $170 - $2,515
Professional Services (accountant, legal help for you) $150 - $2,000
Fixtures, Supplies , Licenses $500 - $3,000
Additional Funds - 3 months' living expenses (reserve) $5,000 - $13,500
Total $89,229 - $267,810

*Cost per Matco Tools 2016 FDD issued March 7, 2016.

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