Franchise Fact: More than 200 new Franchises are currently available with pre-established routes, contacts, and potential customer lists.

Franchise Income and Costs

How much does a franchise owner make?

There are many unknowns and unique variables that go into a franchise owner salary, such as:

  • Time you dedicate to the business
  • Ability to manage the money you collect from customers
  • How much you're able to sell
  • Store inventory
  • State tax policy

You'll be better able to determine your income once you have met with a Matco Tools Franchise expert. They will be able to provide you with the best possible income estimates for franchise owners in your area. Sign-up to learn more about our franchise.

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How much does a franchise cost?

It is common for there to be confusion between out of pocket cost vs total investment cost for a franchise.

Out of pocket costs is considered start-up costs or amount of money or assets you will need to get started with a franchise. This amount can vary in relationship to your personal budget needs, amount financed, and equipment needs.

Total investment cost includes money out of pocket and loan to finance your initial franchise investment. Start-up costs are needed to get your business going.

Matco Tools Total Franchise Costs*:

Initial Franchise Fee $8,000
Initial Inventory $50,000 - $88,000
Acquisition and Establishment of Time Payment Reserve or Time Payment Line of Credit $22,000 or $4,700 - $9,325
Mobile Store Lease $2,784 - $121,474
Computer Hardware $2,700 - $3,400
Computer Software and Internet Service - 3 months' payments $2,050 - $2,750
Insurance - 3 months' premiums $435 - $4,581
Travel, Lodging and Meals (for training) $170 - $2,515
Professional Services (accountant, legal help for you) $295 - $5,320
Fixtures, Supplies, Licenses $500 - $4,000
Additional Funds - 3 months' living expenses (reserve) $5,000 - $13,500
Total $76,634 - $275,450

Matco cannot give any specific numbers because of the variables and the franchise disclosure laws don't allow us to give any specific income numbers.

*Cost per Matco Tools 2021 FDD issued March 6, 2021.

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