Franchise Fact: The industry is growing strong with auto-tech jobs set to increase 17% by 2020, increasing the need for tools and tool distributors.

Franchise Questions & Answers

How much can I expect to earn as a Matco Tools Franchisee?

Distributor ride-along's will help you to determine actual franchisee earning potential. In the absence of any royalty requirements, Matco has not maintained records on the earnings of its franchise owners. Therefore, Matco does not provide actual or forecasted earnings claims.

However, franchise candidates can experience the realities of operating a Matco Tools Franchise during orientation days spent with current Matco Distributors.

How are my customers identified?

Matco Tools provides new franchise owners with a specific territory to cover and a list of at least 325 potential customers that they can call on in that area. Each territory is identified by the District Business Manager through surveys and customer interviews.

How do I qualify to become a Matco Tools Franchisee?

Completing the Matco Distributor application and submitting it for preliminary approval permits a detailed analysis of funding requirements, available financing options, and establishes franchise qualifications.

Once approved, you will meet with a Matco Representative to complete your personal business plan and budget. You will choose at least 2 current Matco Franchisees to meet with and learn about the mobile tool business. These events will help you to experience the business and learn about the earnings opportunity.

Will I be competing with other Matco Tools Franchisees?

No. Each Matco Tools Franchise has their own territory and Call List so you never have to worry about overlapping or competing with other mobile franchise owners.

Approximately how many miles is each territory?

That can vary from franchise to franchise. If your territory is located in the city, you may cover fewer miles as opposed to a franchise owner whose territory is located in a more rural area.

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