Franchise Fact: Matco Tools has been Ranked #1 in Tools Distribution by Entrepreneur Magazine for 5 of the past 7 years!

Owning A Matco Tools Franchise

Most people work for someone else because they have to, but many of those dream of having the freedom of being their own boss. It is this sense of freedom that drives individuals to look at owning a Matco Tools franchise.

The ability to call the shots yourself, take time off when you need it, and have more control over your income makes owning a franchise a very desirable option for making a living. As a Matco Tools Distributor, you work for yourself, not by yourself.

By working harder and smarter and you can put more money in your pocket while being able to enjoy the flexibility to cheer your kids at their weekend games. Matco Tools strives to make that dream a reality with an award winning Matco Tools franchise for over 1,900 people throughout North America.

These Matco Business owners, whom we call our distributors, are the lifeblood of the Matco business model.

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Matco Tools Franchisee
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