Franchise Fact: Matco Tools has been Ranked #1 in Tools Distribution by Entrepreneur Magazine for 5 of the past 7 years!

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There is a wealth of information that shows why selling tools from a mobile Matco franchise is a great idea! The core of any business is the customer, and mechanics and technicians love the convenience of having a Matco Distributor come to their shop. Sure, Auto Techs can make a trip to a Big Box store or go online to buy a tool. But even if they can find quality tools at a discount, they generally won’t do so for four very important reasons:

Time is Money
Technicians just don’t have the time for shopping. Having to make an extra trip to drive to a store or browse multiple websites searching for a tool is crucial time and productivity, and thus money, lost. Matco Distributors offer busy technicians convenience and peace of mind by coming to them when they need it.
Financial Burden
In general, when a tech invests in a new tool, they have to pay cash or use a credit card, which can be hard to plan for financially. Matco Distributors make this process easier and less burdensome for the Tech by offering them convenient payment plans. This allows them to get the tools they need now without breaking the bank.
If there’s a problem with a tool bought online or from a Big Box store, getting help or support can be hard—if not impossible. However, with a Matco Distributor, the customer knows that they have a trusted partner for support and assistance when they need it.
Lastly, the quality of products purchased at discounters and Box stores can be questionable, proving the old axiom “You get what you pay for”. Matco Distributors offer the highest quality professional tools with a tried and trusted name.

Franchise Facts

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