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Veterans Franchise Program

Take Advantage of $10,000 of Incentives Exclusives for Veterans*

Matco Tools has provided over $4.3 million in credits to help support over 430 U.S. veterans.

To help get you started, Matco Tools also offers in-house financial assistance.

As a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) since 1997, Matco Tools has elected to sponsor honorably discharged veterans, helping veterans transition their careers to franchise business ownership.

The purpose of this program is to reward veterans for their service to the USA and offer financial assistance to enter self-employment. This offer is valid for all U.S. Armed Forces veterans, regardless of their date of discharge.

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To qualify for this incentive, the following procedure must be utilized:
1. A copy of the Honorable Discharge Form (#DD214) must accompany the application.
2. The request for credit, $6,500 (net price of tools), is to be entered on page 5, section 9 of the application.
3. Upon submission, the Honorable Discharge Form will be reviewed and processed.
* Only Honorably Discharged veterans are eligible and may qualify for $10,000 of tools at list prices as incentive.

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