Part No. EO2

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Features and benefits
  • Correct drill size stamped on each extractor
  • Eliminates redrilling and retapping for a larger screw
  • For removing broken screws and bolts
  • Left-Handed Spiral Tapered Flute works itself into drilled hole and removes broken piece without damage to threads
  • Left handed master extractor set for removing broken screws, bolts, studs, pipes, set screws, alemite fittings, and lugs
  • Set contains multi-spline extractors and left handed cobalt drill bits
  • Designed for non-reversible drills
  • Packaged in a convenient blow molded storage case.
  • A right hand version of our DEK10 Drill/Extractor set
  • Five mechanics length cobalt drill bits in the following sizes: 5/64", 7/64", 5/32", 1/4", and 19/64"; and five corresponding spiral-fluted extractors
  • Metal index case for organization
  • Consists of EO1, EO2, EO3, EO4, and EO5 in a plastic pouch
  • Spiral Flute Extractors