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Features and benefits
  • Ideal for applications requiring frequent greasing such as automotive workshops, manufacturing facilities etc.
  • Fully automatic free outflow and single shot/grease discharge on demand in one gun
  • Designed for outstanding durability and dependability, this gun eliminates the need to have two separate guns: continuous flow and single shot
  • Heavy-duty and durable aluminium die cast head with precision honed internal bore. Head fitted with bulk loader that doubles as an air bleeder
  • Ergonomic pistol grip and acute angle design for higher balance and ease of use, especially in narrow work spaces
  • Sturdy variable trigger mechanism to dispense grease
  • Grease gun barrel in premium powder coated finish with clip mounted on the barrel for securing hose & coupler when not in use
  • Dual Mode: Switch between fully automatic/continuous grease flow operation and on-demand/single shot operation with the slide of an easy to use button
  • Complete With 30” (760 mm) flexible grease hose & coupler
  • Air Operating Range: 40 - 120psi ( 3 - 8 BAR) Pressure Ratio: 40:1
  • Air Compressor Volume: 1 cfm/ 0.026 cbm
  • Air Inlet Threads: 1/4"(F)
  • Cartridge capacity: 14 oz. (400gms)
  • Develops up to 6000psi
  • Delivers up to 0.90 gms/Shot (1 .30 oz./40 Srokes) in single shot mode & up to 400 gms/min (14 oz./min) in continuous flow mode