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Features and benefits
  • Powerful impact wrench kit built for performance with brushless motor technology that generates 1,600 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque that easily removes stubborn crank bolts
  • Variable speed trigger allows the auto technician to control power output quickly and precisely
  • Super bright four LED ring illuminates the entire anvil, making it easier to see multiple angles in a dimly lit auto shop or car engine compartment
  • High torque impact wrench motor is coupled to a heavy-duty impact mechanism that has been designed for high-power output
  • Built on a secure and rugged design with high quality strength steel Lambo, which has been processed through Sub-Zero in shot painting processes
  • Durable against drops and resistant to shop chemicals while the soft rubber over molded handle provides a comfortable and confident grip
  • Full-length contact rail design locks the battery and cordless impact tool together firmly and provides secure retention in high vibration applications
  • Extended run time with 5.0-amp power rated battery that features a battery capacity indicator to gauge battery life
  • In a ten-second independent power test, this half inch cordless impact wrench outperforms the competition with best-in-class torque output, making this the best cordless impact wrench for the automotive industry
  • Battery is wrapped in a high-quality rubber overmold, which provides protection and better stability
  • Compatible with 20V CORDLESS INFINIUM 4.0AH LI-ON BATTERY (MCL2040LB) with the use of 20V+ CORDLESS INFINIUM BATTERY ADAPTER (MCL20BADP) – 2-year warranty
  • Kit includes: 20V+ 1/2" impact wrench, 20V+ 5Ah Li-Ion battery, 20V+ universal charger and blow molded case
  • Also available in Green (MCL2012BIWKG) and Orange (MCL2012BIWKO)